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Welcome Spring!


Dear Pandas,

Spring is here and I hope everyone is enjoying their Spring Break!  We are moving into our last nine weeks of this school year.  I can hardly believe it!  Our building is a busy place in the spring. There are a lot of field trips, Field Day and many other activities to close out the year.  Please be looking for information coming home with all of these important dates.

Spring is also the time that we look at our students’ growth. I know you’ve noticed how tall they have grown as you’ve begun to buy those spring and summer clothes; however, we are looking at their academic growth.  All of our students will take the PALS benchmarks in May as well as a math screener. These will assess their reading and math growth for the year.  Our students reading level will also be assessed and matched to the County rubric. Our second grade students will also take the Henrico County Assessments for reading and math.  This allows us to see which students have mastered the curriculum taught in second grade.

It’s also important to us to look at our students’ emotional and social growth as well. Can your child transition from one activity to another?  Can they successfully complete assignments? Do they interact and play well with others? Are they flexible if the schedule changes? Can they see the world around them and accept that things won’t always go their way?  Are they learning to choose the positive and beginning to understand perspective taking? Do they know how to control their reactions when they feel angry or frustrated?  These are life skills that our Mind Up curriculum teaches and we assess our students’ progress with those as well.  All of these skills impact students’ academic success and their success in life.  It’s equally important to us that students show growth in these as well.

Finally, spring is a great time to grab a good book and read and play together outside.  Let your imaginations soar!


Mrs. Carlisle


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